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Care Worker

  • Various hours
  • Torbay
  • Variable
  • 2 Jan 2021
  • Travel expenses: yes
  • Job term: Permanent
  • Job code: 030820-7593

Aim of Role:
• To provide care and support to one or more adults, for either a short break or for a long
term arrangement, within your own home. The person receiving these services will become a
member of your household and share in all aspects of your family life.
• You will be expected to meet their care and support needs as identified in their care
plan and as part of a multi-agency team and be able to demonstrate that you are helping them
achieve their goals.
• To challenge prejudice, discrimination and oppression and enable people to fulfil any
spiritual or cultural needs.
• To work in a person centred way.

Main duties:
1. To provide a safe, warm and comfortable home
2. To keep the building in good repair
3. To ensure all mortgage, rent and utility payments are up to date
4. To sign up to an individual licence agreement
5. To provide a bedroom within the shared family home.

1. To provide healthy and nutritious meals that meet the needs of the person staying with
2. To keep the house clean
3. To do the laundry/help the person do their laundry
4. Pay utility bills
5. Provide a TV licence
6. Provide furniture and household equipment
7. To provide transport (within reason)
8. To provide basic personal items e.g. shampoo, soap
9. To ensure your home and contents are insured and that you have public liability
insurance for your role as a carer

Care and Support
1. To provide any personal care the person needs
2. To ensure all health care needs are met including helping with medication
3. To provide emotional support as needed
4. To enable effective communication
5. To help the person/people you support to keep in touch with family and friends
6. To help them maintain and develop daily living skills, promote independence and to
enable them to achieve their potential
Shared Lives Carer- Role Description
7. To help with managing money
8. To help them get involved with the local community
9. To help them find meaningful activities
10. Any other care and support needs as recorded in the individual Shared Lives agreement.

Working with Shared Lives South West:
1. To monitor the well -being of the service user on an on-going basis and
keep a record of their progress with particular emphasis on achievement of outcomes, changes
in needs, and any risks.
2. To keep records of significant financial transactions involving the service user’s money,
and make these available to the SLC.
3. Raise any issues about the Shared Lives service with their Shared Lives Coordinator at
an early stage.
4. Co-operate with monitoring visits, annual carer reviews and service user reviews.
5. Undertake any training deemed by Shared Lives South West to be necessary for the delivery
of this service.
6. Be aware of SLSW policies and procedures and know how to access them.
7. To work in partnership with SLSW and other agencies, family carers where appropriate,
maintaining a professional approach, as required for the benefit of the individual/s receiving care
and support.
8. To maintain confidentiality for the person/people you support, only sharing information on
a need to know basis and with the person’s consent where this is possible.
9. Attend carer meetings and training events.
1. To undertake training and be familiar with how to make an ‘alert’
2. To be familiar with SLSW’s Safeguarding Adult’s policy
3. To be part of a multi-agency plan to protect the individual as appropriate
4. To understand when a SLSW risk assessment should be undertaken
5. To refresh your Safeguarding training every three years
6. To protect people from abuse and neglect
This is not a comprehensive or exclusive list but a guide to what is required when working with
an adult who has care and support needs.

Essential details:

Caring experience and a spare room is essential.

Training is provided.

Shared Lives carers are paid a weekly fee to support someone living with them long term, as well as a contribution toward rent and household costs, such as food, electricity and water.

The fees we pay depend on:
What sort of service you offer
How many people you support
What sort of support needs each person has.
Long term: The amount varies from £290 to £410 per week person.

Short break: £60 to £77 per 24 hours.

Shared Lives carers are self-employed – they are not employees of the scheme.

More about this is explained when you go through our application process.

Visit our website or contact us to find out how to apply.



Travel expenses details:

Mileage is application to certain services.

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Job category

Care worker, One-to-one support, Supported living


Shared Lives South West Share your home, share your life

Website SharedLivesSW sharedlivessouthwest

Type of organisation



Health and social care


We are an award winning charity that delivers long term and short break care services throughout Devon, Cornwall and Somerset.

We provide care and support and are an alternative to supported living and residential care.

Established in 2004, we are a highly regarded care provider, rated Outstanding by the Care Quality Commission. We have a very strong reputation in the Shared Lives sector for quality, innovation and person centred approaches.

We specialise in supporting people with learning disabilities, autism, mental health problems, dementia and older people. People who use our services live or have a break in the home of one of our approved carers. It’s similar to adult fostering and is a great alternative to supported living or residential care.

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